Deep in the heart of the breathtaking Ramon Crater, adjacent to the quaint town of Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev desert, ShakaVans caravan camp awaits to provide you with a unique, fun and cozy desert experience.


ShakaVans takes care of complex logistics in prime locations and custom made package vacations.


You can enjoy exceptional comfort in our luxury caravans; with everything ready and waiting for you. Dining table, fully-fitted kitchen including oven, hot-water, cutlery and plates, hot shower, towels, bedding and more. A large sky-roof and panoramic window gives you a spectacular view in the daytime and at night, under the scintillating star-filled sky. We also offer a full 'Glamping' experience with large comfortable luxury tents, mats, cushions, outdoor barbeque, and more around the caravans and tents for couples, families or groups of friends, with specialist outdoor heating in winter and a campfire to warm the crisp nights and mornings.


You can also enjoy our delicious home-cooked, freshly-baked meals, made at your campsite or booked ahead allowing you to enjoy gourmet desert cuisine with the finest local chefs.


Dozens of desert attractions can also be arranged to complete your cozy desert exprience in one of the most perfect star-gazing reserves in the world.

ShakaVans provides warm and personal service throughout your stay. You just have to get here, we'll take care of the rest.

Experience a luxury caravan vacation

in Israel’s biblical landscape.


After your morning coffee, or before you curl up around the campfire, why not venture out into the wilderness?

Jeep tours to remote locations

Astronomy and stargazing

Guided hikes through the Makhtesh

Exploring ancient Nabatean sites

Adrenaline-rush RZRs

Rappelling the crater cliffs

Camel Tours

Desert vineyards and wineries

Cheese and wine tastings

Gallery tour of Mitzpe Ramon's
Spice Route Quarter

Live Music by the bonfire 

and more ! 

The campsites and various activities take place in different locations around Mitzpe Ramon, all of which are accessible and safe. Once booked, we will coordinate pickup in one of the following meeting points: The Beresheet Hotel, Ramon Inn Hotel, Ramon Suite Hotel or the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center.

Ever since my childhood, digging up my parents’ garden in South Africa, I have had an immense love of nature and the outdoor life. As a child I was brought up on camping trips in the South African bush and will always remember the excitement and coziness of our caravan.

Craig Joel Butchins

After moving to Israel, I worked in outdoor jobs – either picking oranges or weeding gardens as a teenager. After my army service, my love and respect for nature played a major role in my life encouraging me to learn everything there was to know about plants, gardening and landscaping.


I formed my own gardening company and had the privilege of working alongside one of Israel’s

leading garden designers, helping create the most amazing gardens in the country.

After many years in the landscaping business, I decided to heed the call of the desert

and move to Mitzpe Ramon.

The beauty and silence of this place never ceases to amaze me. It fills me with endless joy and wonder. My two dogs are my constant companions on off-road hikes and jeep rides throughout the area.

My craving for even wider horizons is fed through motorcycling, mostly across Europe and South Africa. I also hand-craft most of my own household furniture.

ShakaVans was created to share my love and awe for this unique part of the world.

The name is a tribute to my South African heritage - the legendary Shaka Zulu -

the early 19th century warrior king who ruled the region where I was born.

My main goal is for people to experience what the desert has to offer, while enjoying full comfort and high quality outdoor leisure. I am committed to deliver the best service I have to offer by ensuring you a trouble free holiday, making your trip a true, cozy adventure.


Just get here. The desert awaits.


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